​​So much going on at Darkside Games this week!! There is a GPT, a PPTQ, two HIGH ROLLER events, and Fat Pack Sealed is back!!
Date: Monday - October 3rd
Format: EDH
Time: 7PM
Entry: $8
JtP: Dack Fayden
Date: Tuesday - October 4th
Format: Modern GPT(Dallas)
Time: 6pm
Entry: $10
Winner recieves two byes at Grand Prix Dallas(Modern)
Prize suport as always is 100% of entries
Format: Standard 
Time: 7:00PM Standard 
ENTRY: $8 for Player Based Swiss Rounds 
JtP Bonus: Saheeli Rai
Date: Wednesday - October 5th
Format: Kaladesh Fat Pack Sealed(Bundle Sealed)
Time: 6pm 
Entry: $45 gets you a gets you a 10 booster pack Bundle to build a 40 card deck and play 1v1 swiss
JtP: From the Vault:Lore box set!!
Format: Modern EDH
Time: 7:00PM
Entry: $8
JtP: Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Date: Thursday - October 6th
Time: 7:00PM
ENTRY: $110
You will recieve a sealed booster box of Kaladesh and then you will construct a 40 card deck and play 1v1 swiss. 
Winner gets a Foil Polluted Delta for 8 people and under..over 8 people and we will adjust accordingly!

Thursday is also board game night at Darkside!! We have had a large group of people playing board games on Thursdays...no cover charge and you dont have to bring anything. Just show up and meet some fun new people and have a great time!!
Date: Friday - October 7th
Format: Standard
Time: 6:00PM 
ENTRY: $6 for Player Based Swiss Rounds 
JtP Bonus: $40 store credit
Format: Modern
Time: 7:00PM 
ENTRY: $10 for Player Based Swiss Rounds 
JtP: FNM Pendelhavel
Format: HIGH ROLLER DRAFT!!! (Zendikar)
Time: 10pm 
Entry:$60 --Gets you 3 packs of original Zendikar and one pack of Zendikar per entry gets added to the prize pool. The are first print run Zendikar boxes with potential treasures in them(Black Lotus, Moxes, Mishra's Workshops, Tabernacles...ect)
JtP: From the Vault: Lore box set!!!!!!!
Date: Saturday - October 8th
Format: Kaladesh Sealed PPTQ(Dublin)
Time: 1pm
Entry: $30
We are running this event at COST!! This event is for the Las Vegas Magic community and Darkside wont make a penny from this tournament. If you are looking for value and you are serious about playing competitive Magic then please come out and join us!
We will be charging you our cost for booster packs for the sealed event and taking out our cost for the Judge compensation and the top 8 draft and paying out the prizes in CASH!!! Jordan Johnston will be our level 2 judge and 1.5 boxes goes to the judge team for under 31 players and 2 boxes 32+ players.
examples: 25 players would mean $252.96 in the prize pool
35 players would mean $382.92 in the prize pool
Date: Sunday - October 9th
Format: Legacy
Time: 1PM
JtP: Wooded Foothills
Format: Standard Win-A-Box 
Time: 3pm
Entry: $10(half price if you play FNM(10/7)
Winner get a sealed box of Kaladesh!!